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Kief boxes are used to sift the crystals from the exterior of buds by way of shaking. The general principle is that through enough mechanical agitation all of the kief will fall from the bud and then fall through a series of screens/filters that ensure only kief is in the final compartment.Double Screen Board The Double Screen or Snellgrove Board is a management tool that allows the beekeeper to make two queen hives, make multiple nucleus hives on top of a main hive, or divide the hive for swarm control. It has 8 entrances, top and bottom entrances on each side which can be opened or kept closed. Sized for a Langstroth Beehive.

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Pollen boxes (AKA Kief Boxes) allow you to collect the sticky trichomes from your legal herbs and save them for later so nothing gets wasted. These boxes have a special grade of sifting screen that allows only the pollen to fall through. Available in a variety of woods and …Remove the double screen and replace with an excluder Picture from Brushy Mt. Simplified Demaree Take the top box of a two box hive and put it above a double screen Come back in four weeks and look for a good number of bees in both If both are strong in bees, remove the double screen and replace with an excluder otherwise just remove the screen

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The screen, or silkscreen or pantyhose are up to you, mate. Shakey-Screens are 50 wires per inch x .009" wire, that may give you a starting point. A little math will give the hole diameter. Works well, passes trichs and not so much skuff. Fine screens may pass less skuff but the larger trichs ain't going thru. Hosiery will depend on the stretch ...Επίσημοι Διανομείς Προϊόντων Sublimation & DTF για Ελλάδα και Κύπρο

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RYOT 7x7 Solid Top Screen Box in Natural | Wide Wooden Box Perfect for Sifter - Monofilament Mesh Screen - Glass Base Tray - Prep Card - Storage Divider. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 244. 4 offers from $38.12. RYOT 3x5" Solid Top Box in Natural | Premium Wooden Box Perfect for Sifter - Monofilament Mesh Screen - Glass Base Tray - Prep Card - Pollen ...MySifter 5-Screen 12″x12″ Magic Pollen Kief Box–180-150-120-104-and-75 Micron HashmanKiefkowski $ 230.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Glass dry and wet sift Kief, Trichome, and Pollen Collector KiefKollector 5 out of 5 stars (5) $ 29.99. Add to Favorites ...

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RYOT 4x7 Dual Screen Solid Top Box in Natural 4.0 out of 5 stars 2 ... Item Weight: 11.2 Ounces: About this item 6.5" x 3.875" x 2.125" Flip-Top Lid Design Magnetic secure closure Double screen - Doubles your storage surface area The perfect hydrating platform for tobacco ... You'll catch enough pollen to pay for this thing in no time Read more.The RYOT 4x7 Dual Screen Natural Wood Pollen Box is constructed of quality wood with each layer firmly attached magnetically. This unique dual screen box utilizes 2 monofilament screens for distinctly different results at each stage.

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2.1 Place the double-screen board between a queenright and a queenless colony before combining to allow them to adjust to the new scent. 2.2 Open an entrance to the top box on the back. 2.3 After a few days, close the back entrance and open the two front entrances to allow the bees to mingle. Later, remove the double-screen altogether.CannaFlex Screens - 150 Micron Simple Siever Miscellaneous $31.50 $45.00. RYOT - 3" x 5" Natural Shaker Screen Box RYOT $30.00. Plastic Hash Shakers Hash Maker $17.99 $19.99. 4.5" Aluminum Dry Sift Hash Shaker Hash Maker $12.99 $16.99.


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